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If you’re trying to find your ideal job in the energetic metropolis of Dubai? Then look elsewhere outside Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai ! Being a top dairy company, they have looked into the newest positions available. Al Rawabi is seeking skilled individuals to become part of their vibrant and varied team. Candidates who meet the requirements can visit the website and apply through the straightforward application process for these incredible positions. Read on for additional information about Al Rawabi, its current employment openings, and how to join the vibrant team.

Basic Details about Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai

Company Name Al Rawabi
 Job Location Dubai
Application ModeOnline
Recruitment TypeDirect
Expected SalaryAED 2200-4800
QualificationHigh school- Equivalent- Plus two – Degree Diploma
Age limit21-40
Benefits As per UAE labor law

About Al Rawabi

Reputable Dubai-based business Al Rawabi is well-known for its premium dairy products as well as other food and drink selections. Since its founding in 1989, the company has matured and emerged as a major force in this sector. They also established a solid reputation in this industry thanks to their dedication to quality work and courteous client service. One of the top dairy and juice firms in the United Arab Emirates, Al Rawabi provides a variety of goods, such as dairy, juices, and other useful items. They have now made public their most recent job openings in an effort to assemble a team of exceptional individuals.

Opportunities at Al Rawabi Careers In Dubai

1. Post- Distributors
  • Products: Dairy, Juice, Bakery, Long life, Frozen products
  • Regions Covered: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah

Benefits and Perks at Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai

Employee perks and incentives are abundant at Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai. These perks are for the health and professional advancement of the staff members. The following is a list of advantages that the company provides:

  1. Competitive salaries commensurate with industry standards and the cost of living in Dubai.
  2. Comprehensive health insurance packages covering medical checkups, dental, and vision care.
  3. Wellness initiatives encompassing gym memberships and extracurricular activities.
  4. Robust training programs and mentorship opportunities designed to foster career growth and development.
  5. Convenient retirement plans ensuring a secure and comfortable life post-retirement.
  6. Provision of food and accommodation for employees by the company.
  7. Additional benefits such as paid time off, annual bonuses, and yearly ticket fares.

Expected Salary at Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai

At Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai, the expected wage for staff members is determined by the job role, experience, and qualifications. The primary factor influencing pay is the nature of the work. Starting or fresher salaries will be paid to entry-level employees, and these salaries will rise in tandem with their experience.

Based on their position and credentials, mid-level or high-level employees make more money than entry-level workers. Al Rawabi Group takes industry norms and the cost of living in Dubai into account when calculating salaries. Depending on the position, employees at Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai make an average monthly pay between $2500 and $4800. The interview procedure allows for the discussion of all pay-related matters.

How to Apply For Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai

Applying via email is a fairly easy process for Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai. The steps to begin the application procedure are shown below.

  1. Begin by selecting the desired job role from the available opportunities listed above or on the company website.
  2. Thoroughly review the job description to identify the position that aligns with the candidate’s qualifications.
  3. Update the candidate’s CV to include all pertinent personal and professional details, emphasizing the relevant skills for the applied position.
  4. Compose a cover letter expressing genuine interest in joining the company and the specific job role.
  5. Start drafting the email to the provided address, ensuring to include the job title in the subject line.
  6. Attach all required documents, including the CV, cover letter, educational certificates, and experience certificates, all saved in PDF format.
  7. Conduct a final review to eliminate any errors or oversights before sending the email. If everything is correct, proceed to send the email.
Interested can submit CV toEmail ID –

Exciting career options for employees’ development and fulfillment are provided by Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai. The best place for you to go whether you’re a new employee or seeking a position with a motivated staff is Al Rawabi Careers in Dubai. The organization has made numerous opportunities in a range of roles available to creative and qualified people to join their vibrant team. Prepare your resume and apply for these incredible jobs in Dubai to realize your career goals and soar to new heights. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to work for a company that loves its employees.


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