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You appear to be looking for a job at the Sharjah energy and Water Authority, a popular alternative for people looking to work for an energy and water firm. SEWA Careers has just announced a number of job positions that provide multiple promising opportunities.

Let us now present a brief introduction of the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, abbreviated as SEWA.

Basic Details at SEWA Careers

Company NameSharjah Electricity & Water Authority Sharjah
Job locationSharjah
QualificationEquivalent Degrewe
Salary Based on position

Available Positions at SEWA

Information & Communication Technology Dept.
Human Resources Dept.
Purchase & Contracts Dept.
Security & Safety Dept.
Finance & Accounting Dept.
Zulal Factory Dept.
Internal Audit & Risk Assessment Dept.
Chairman,s Executive Office
Corporate Communication Dept.
Strategy & Organizational Development Dept.
Control & Monitoring Dept.
Administrative Services & Facilities Dept.
Central Stores Dept.
Government Projects Dept.
Water Desalination Dept.
Power Transmission Dept.
Planning & Studies Dept.
Electricity Distribution Dept.
Water Dept.
Natural Gas Dept.
Onservation Dept.
Customer Service Dept.
Khorfakkan Dept.
Mutual Services Dept.
Power Generation Dept.
Kalba Dept.
Legal Dept.
Safety, Health & Environment Dept.
Research & Studies Dept.
Call Centre Dept.
Central Zone Dept.

Qualification required for SEWA Careers

Each position’s eligibility requirements vary depending on the desired career level and the unique job description. Certain jobs are appropriate for beginners, while others require specific abilities and years of experience. Similarly, certain jobs value experience over formal education, while others require a degree in the relevant discipline. It is critical to properly review the job posting’s specifications and apply only for positions that match your qualifications.

How to apply for SEWA Carrers

Evaluate all of the job openings that match your qualifications and educational background, then apply via the company’s website. If your desired position is not presently available, you can fill out the job application form using the provided link, and the HR department will contact you when a suitable post becomes available.

Information & Communication Technology Dept.Sharjah
Human Resources Dept.Sharjah
Purchase & Contracts Dept.Sharjah
Security & Safety Dept.Sharjah
Finance & Accounting Dept.Sharjah
Zulal Factory Dept.Sharjah
Internal Audit & Risk Assessment Dept.Sharjah
Chairman,s Executive OfficeSharjah
Corporate Communication Dept.Sharjah
Strategy & Organizational Development Dept.Sharjah
Control & Monitoring Dept.Sharjah
Administrative Services & Facilities Dept.Sharjah
Central Stores Dept.Sharjah
Government Projects Dept.Sharjah
Water Desalination Dept.Sharjah
Power Transmission Dept.Sharjah
Planning & Studies Dept.Sharjah
Electricity Distribution Dept.Sharjah
Water Dept.Sharjah
Natural Gas Dept.Sharjah
Onservation Dept.Sharjah
Customer Service Dept.Sharjah
Khorfakkan Dept.Sharjah
Mutual Services Dept.Sharjah
Power Generation Dept.Sharjah
Kalba Dept.Sharjah
Legal Dept.Sharjah
Safety, Health & Environment Dept.Sharjah
Research & Studies Dept.Sharjah
Call Centre Dept.Sharjah
Central Zone Dept.Sharjah

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