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Would you like to work for a respectable Dubai company? Then you will have an opportunity with Emirates Printing Press Jobs in Dubai. Being a prominent company in the printing and packaging sector, they provide numerous job opportunities across a range of roles. Job seekers in Dubai may apply for these positions by visiting the business website. Emirates Printing Press is looking for competent people who are passionate about this industry and can offer fresh insights. To find out more about the company’s job opportunities and the application process to become a member of this exciting team, keep reading this article.

Basic Details about Emirates Printing Press Jobs in Dubai

Company Name Emirates Printing Press
 Job Location Dubai
Application ModeOnline
Recruitment TypeDirect
Expected SalaryAED 2200-4800
QualificationHigh school- Equivalent- Plus two – Degree Diploma
Age limit21-40
Benefits As per UAE labour law

About Emirates Printing Press

One of the top high-quality presses, Emirates Printing Press offers carton box packaging and digit printing services. Founded in 1971 in Dubai, it is currently one of the over thirty companies that comprise the Shirawi group. It offers talented people looking for work in the bustling city of Dubai a lot of career options. Because of their long history and commitment to the business, they have established a respectable reputation in this field. The business includes activities for the advancement of its customers and employees because it cares about them.

Opportunities at Emirates Printing Press Jobs in Dubai

  • Offset Printing Machine Operators (UV & Conventional)
  • Offset Assistants (DPT with experience)
  • Sheet-fed Moog Gravure Machine Operators
  • UV Varnishing/Lamination Machine Operators (Steinemann Lotus, Paperplast & Autobond)
  • Diecutting Machine Operators (Bobst Expertcut & Sanwa machines)
  • Foiling Hotstamping Machine Operators (Bobst Speria, Bobst Expertfoil, Kama Foil, Heidelberg Cylinder Foil Stamping)
  • Folder & Gluer Operators (Bobst Expertfold, Kama, Eterna & Nikko)
  • Cutting Machine Operators (Programmable Polar & Robocut)
  • Window Pasting Machine Operators
  • Roll to Sheeter Machine Operators (Apollo & Econ)
  • Quality Inspection Machine Operators (Focusight/ Daheng)
  • Ink Technicians (Experienced in Offset / Rotogravure Inks)
  • Supervisor/Foreman (Printing & Finishing)
  • Rotogravure Printing Machine Operators
  • Printers experienced in Rotogravure machines (such as Cerutti and Gallus) with inline die-cutting experience
  • Assistant Rotogravure Machine Operators
  • Die-Cutting Machine Operators (experienced in Bobst/Gallus in-line Flat bed die-cutting, inline Rotary foil & Die-cutting machines)
  • Omet (Rotary Flexo) Machine Operators
  • Gallus (Rotary Flexo / Gravure) Machine Operators
  • Flexo/Gravure Assistants (with Flexo & Rotogravure knowledge)
  • Ink Technicians (Experienced in Flexo/Rotogravure Inks)
  • Web Offset Printers (Rotoman)
  • Web Offset Assistant Printers (Rotoman)
  • Web Offset Assistants
  • Corrugation Machine Operators (BHS, Agnati, lobox & Bobst)
  • Litho Lamination Machine Operators (Lamina, lobox & Asitrade) with Sheet-to-Sheet/Flute Lamination knowledge
  • Digital Printing Machine Operators (experienced in HP Indigo 35K, HP Indigo 25K, HP Indigo 6K, Fuji Revoria, MGI Jetpress, Scodix & Duplo Dusense)
  • Rotogravure Printing Machine Operators (Bobst Rotomec, Windmoller, Cerutti & Uteco)
  • Rotogravure / Flexo Assistants (with Flexible Packaging knowledge)
  • Pouching Machine Operators (Flat-bottom/Stand-Up)
  • Slitting Machine Operators (DCM, Atlas & SP Ultraflex)
  • Lamination Machine Operator Solvent based and solvent less (Bobst/Nordmeccanica/Worldly)
  • Ink Technicians (Experienced in Flexo/ Rotogravure Inks)
  • Quality Control-Executives (with Flexible Packaging/Folding Carton Packaging knowledge)
  • Production Managers (well experienced in production function of Folding Carton & Rotary Packaging)
  • Safety Officer (Preferably experienced in safety function with NEBOSH Certification)
  • Sales Representatives (Preferably with 1 to 2 years of Sales experience in Printing & Packaging)
  • Client Service Executives (Preferably with Degree or Diploma in Printing technology with 2 years of relevant experience)

Benefits and Perks at Emirates Printing Press Jobs in Dubai

  1. Competitive Salaries: Emirates Printing Press Jobs offer competitive salaries in line with industry standards, ensuring employees are fairly compensated for their work.
  2. Comprehensive Health Coverage: Employees receive health coverage packages that include medical checkups, dental care, and vision care, prioritizing their well-being and ensuring they have access to essential healthcare services.
  3. Wellness Programs: To promote employee well-being, Emirates Printing Press arranges wellness programs such as gym memberships and extracurricular activities, encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle among its workforce.
  4. Career Development Opportunities: Employees are provided with training programs and membership works to support their growth and development within the company, fostering a culture of continuous learning and advancement.
  5. Additional Benefits: Emirates Printing Press offers additional benefits including paid time off, easy retirement plans, and annual bonuses, recognizing and rewarding employee dedication and commitment to the company’s success.

Expected Salary at Emirates Printing Press Jobs in Dubai

The expected salary at Emirates Printing Press Jobs is determined by the position, the candidate’s background, and their qualifications. Workers at Emirates Printing Press Jobs make between 2300 and 5500 dirhams a month. The salary of entry-level or freshers will be less than that of high-level workers. The pay is determined by taking into account the industry norms and the cost of living in Dubai. During the interview, you can address any questions you have with the hiring team about the expected salary.

How to Apply for Emirates Printing Press Jobs in Dubai?

Applying via email is necessary in order to be considered for the job openings at Emirates Printing Press Jobs. The company’s most recent job openings are listed above. Carefully review the job requirements and select the one that best fits your qualifications. Candidates need to prepare a CV with their educational background and work history included.

a cover letter that highlights the applicant’s desire to join the team and fulfill the position. Begin composing the email to the company’s provided address. The job title should appear in the subject line of the email and should be the only content. Once the email has been concluded, attach all pertinent documents in a PDF format. After rereading the email, press the send button.

Emirates Printing Press Jobs in Dubai are available for ambitious candidates with a love for this industry and the ability to innovate the business. They have taken the lead in this industry thanks to their commitment to providing excellent service and attention to detail for their guests. Emirates Printing Press Jobs is the ideal option for you if you have experience in the hotel industry or if you are passionate about working in this field. Don’t pass up this opportunity to become a member of a team that appreciates your abilities, fosters your development, and looks out for your wellbeing.

To apply for this job please visit eppdubai.com.


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