Talabat Careers 2024: Numerous Job Openings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Talabat Careers 2023: Who doesn’t want to work for the best? Who wouldn’t want to start a thrilling and lucrative career with one of the world’s leading food delivery companies? Naturally, anyone would jump at the chance, which is why we provide you with Talabat Careers. Talabat has announced a number of new employment positions, and we are here to help you find one.

Company NameTalabat
Work LocationDubai & Abu Dhabi
BenefitsAs per UAE Labor law

About Talabat

When you contemplate food delivery in the MENA region, it would be quite astonishing if Talabat didn’t immediately spring to mind! Since completing our inaugural delivery in Kuwait back in 2004, we’ve experienced remarkable growth over the past 17 years.

At present, we efficiently deliver hundreds of millions of food orders, groceries, and various other products each year to customers residing in nine countries across the region. Our food delivery enterprise collaborates with a vast network of over 27,000 brands and nearly 50,000 branches. Additionally, our innovative q-commerce concept, Talabat Mart, now ensures grocery deliveries within 30 minutes or less to customers in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE.

Our guiding principle revolves around doing what’s right for our ecosystem, which encompasses our valued customers, esteemed partners, dedicated team members, diligent riders, and the communities we serve. In 2020, we aided by distributing 340K+ meals and 44K+ medicines to the needy. Furthermore, we contributed over 1.3 million euros to charitable causes with the invaluable support of our partners and customers. Talabat is an integral part of Delivery Hero, the global leader in online food delivery and e-commerce.

Available Vacancies at Talabat

Account Manager – Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi
Sales Executive – Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi
Associate Analyst PricingDubai
Associate Merchandising SpecialistDubai
Associate Tax – UAE NationalDubai
Coordinator FinanceDubai
Coordinator RidersDubai
Coordinator Sales – Onboarding (UAE National)Dubai
Data Analyst – MarketingDubai
Engineering ManagerDubai
Manager Brand ContentDubai
Manager Channel PerformanceDubai
Manager CRMDubai
Manager LendingDubai
Manager People PartneringDubai
Product Designer IIDubai
Product Researcher IIDubai
Product SpecialistDubai
Public Affairs Associate – UAE NATIONALSDubai
Regional Category Manager – ImportsDubai
Senior Manager, Retail Media PartnershipsDubai
Senior Software Engineer – iOSDubai
Software Engineer II – BackendDubai
Specialist Ad opsDubai
Specialist ASO & PSDubai
Specialist Marketing – GroceriesDubai
Specialist Program MarketingDubai
Specialist Revenue OperationsDubai
Sr. Analyst PricingDubai
Sr. Analyst RewardsDubai
Sr. Analyst Rider ProcessesDubai
Sr. Manager – Product DesignDubai
Sr. Manager Logistics Performance & OptimizationDubai
Sr. Manager Supply ChainDubai
Sr. Software Engineer – BackendDubai
Sr. Software Engineer – FlutterDubai
Sr. Specialist Art CreativeDubai
Sr. Specialist Email DesignDubai
Sr. Specialist Growth FinTechDubai
Sr. Specialist LendingDubai
Sr. Specialist Rider Health & SafetyDubai
Sr. Specialist Vendor PerformanceDubai
Staff Software Engineer – BackendDubai
Warehouse SupportSharjah
Product Designer IIUAE
Specialist Performance MarketingUAE
Sr. Manager – Product DesignUAE


How to Apply for Talabat Careers 2024?

Talabat promotes a professional workplace culture by providing an excellent working environment. We value our employees’ well-being by providing a supportive work environment. At Talabat, we recognize that our people are our most precious resource, and happy employees mean happy customers. Our reward system has been meticulously designed to incentivize and inspire staff to achieve established company goals.

Account Manager – Abu DhabiAbu DhabiApply Now
Sales Executive – Abu DhabiAbu DhabiApply Now
Associate Analyst PricingDubaiApply Now
Associate Merchandising SpecialistDubaiApply Now
Associate Tax – UAE NationalDubaiApply Now
Coordinator FinanceDubaiApply Now
Coordinator RidersDubaiApply Now
Coordinator Sales – Onboarding (UAE National)DubaiApply Now
Data Analyst – MarketingDubaiApply Now
Engineering ManagerDubaiApply Now
Manager Brand ContentDubaiApply Now
Manager Channel PerformanceDubaiApply Now
Manager CRMDubaiApply Now
Manager LendingDubaiApply Now
Manager People PartneringDubaiApply Now
Product Designer IIDubaiApply Now
Product Researcher IIDubaiApply Now
Product SpecialistDubaiApply Now
Public Affairs Associate – UAE NATIONALSDubaiApply Now
Regional Category Manager – ImportsDubaiApply Now
Senior Manager, Retail Media PartnershipsDubaiApply Now
Senior Software Engineer – iOSDubaiApply Now
Software Engineer II – BackendDubaiApply Now
Specialist Ad opsDubaiApply Now
Specialist ASO & PSDubaiApply Now
Specialist Marketing – GroceriesDubaiApply Now
Specialist Program MarketingDubaiApply Now
Specialist Revenue OperationsDubaiApply Now
Sr. Analyst PricingDubaiApply Now
Sr. Analyst RewardsDubaiApply Now
Sr. Analyst Rider ProcessesDubaiApply Now
Sr. Manager – Product DesignDubaiApply Now
Sr. Manager Logistics Performance & OptimizationDubaiApply Now
Sr. Manager Supply ChainDubaiApply Now
Sr. Software Engineer – BackendDubaiApply Now
Sr. Software Engineer – FlutterDubaiApply Now
Sr. Specialist Art CreativeDubaiApply Now
Sr. Specialist Email DesignDubaiApply Now
Sr. Specialist Growth FinTechDubaiApply Now
Sr. Specialist LendingDubaiApply Now
Sr. Specialist Rider Health & SafetyDubaiApply Now
Sr. Specialist Vendor PerformanceDubaiApply Now
Staff Software Engineer – BackendDubaiApply Now
Warehouse SupportSharjahApply Now
Product Designer IIUAEApply Now
Specialist Performance MarketingUAEApply Now
Sr. Manager – Product DesignUAEApply Now


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