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Are you searching Dubai for stimulating work opportunities? Go no farther than Dubai’s Adeeb Group Careers! Being a prominent firm with headquarters in Dubai, they are constantly searching for bright people to join their team. In order to add skilled applicants to their team, Adeeb Group has looked at a number of job possibilities in a variety of roles. Interested parties can visit the business website and submit an online application. This page explores the most recent Adeeb Group Careers job vacancies, the organization, and the application procedure.

Adeeb Group Careers Dubai

Basic Details about Adeeb Group Careers Dubai

Company Name Adeeb Group
 Job Location Dubai
Application ModeOnline
Recruitment TypeDirect
Expected SalaryAED 1800-3800
QualificationHigh school- Equivalent- Plus two – Degree Diploma
Age limit21-40
Benefits As per UAE labour law

About Adeeb Group

With its headquarters in the center of Dubai, Adeeb Group is well-known in a number of sectors, including facility management, construction, and hospitality. The well-known Adeeb Group offers services to a range of industries. This group, which is based in Dubai, is well-known for its commitment to providing high-quality services, perseverance, and robust customer satisfaction. Adeeb Group has demonstrated its success in the Dubai business sector with its services in a range of industries, such as construction, facilities management, hospitality, and more.

Available Positions at Adeeb Group Careers Dubai


Requirements: •

  • Applicant must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Minimum 10+ years of GCC/UAE Experience in
  • Maintenance of Desalination/Water Treatment Systems in various Facilities.
  • Excellent Analytical and Communication skills are required

Why Choose Adeeb Group Careers Dubai?

Adeeb Group Careers Dubai has many strong factors to think about while selecting an employer:

  1. Abundant Career Paths: Adeeb Group Careers Dubai presents a plethora of career options across diverse roles, fostering opportunities for skilled individuals.
  2. Embracing Innovation: The company fosters employee creativity and innovative ideas, cultivating a conducive environment for collaboration.
  3. Commitment to Growth: Adeeb Group prioritizes the professional advancement of its employees, offering comprehensive training programs and mentorship opportunities.

Benefits and Perks at Adeeb Group Careers Dubai

Adeeb Group Careers offers its employees incentives and benefits in order to promote their wellbeing. Comprehensive health packages that cover regular exams, dental, vision, and vision care are included in this package. Wellness packages include access to the gym, scheduled extracurricular activities, calming exercise, and games. Simple retirement strategies can are beneficial during their initial retirement years. Together with competitive pay and benefits like paid time off, annual bonuses, and twice-yearly ticket fare, there will be more. Additionally, Adeeb Group offers mentorship and training programs to support employees’ professional development.

Adeeb Group Careers Dubai Expected Salary

At Adeeb Group Careers, a candidate’s estimated income is established by taking into account their work experience, qualifications, and job function. Due to the differences in their responsibilities, each category will receive a pay as a leading group. Depending on the position, Adeeb Group employees make an average monthly pay between $2300 and $4500. The starting compensation for entry-level positions will fluctuate as the level rises, and candidates based on their performance level will receive further incentives. During the interview process, all the information and clarity on the anticipated salary can be shared.

Application Process for Adeeb Group Careers Dubai

Prepare Your Application by starting the process with the creation of a Resume and Cover Letter. Ensure that the Resume comprehensively outlines your skills. In the Cover Letter, express your enthusiasm for joining the company and specify the desired job role.

Compose an Email to the designated email address, ensuring to include the job title in the subject line.

Attach Your Documents, including your Resume, Cover Letter, and any other pertinent documents, all formatted in PDF.

Double-Check for Accuracy to eliminate errors and ensure precision in your email.

Send Your Email once you have verified that everything is correct.

Send CV’s to

Set out on a rewarding adventure in the vibrant city of Dubai with Adeeb Group. They now play a prominent part in this market due to their dedication to quality and providing excellent customer service. Adeeb Group is the ideal option for you if you have experience in this industry or are passionate about working for a prestigious company. Don’t pass up this opportunity to become a member of a team that appreciates your abilities, fosters your development, and looks out for your wellbeing.


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